• Our manifesto is the way we share our vision and values to our users, partners and peers. It’s an ever evolving collection of the boldest thoughts that set our souls on fire.

To the best of our ability we will:

  • Do what we love, and love what we do!
  • Live our dream and share our passions!
  • Remember that life is short.
  • Use our time wisely If not enough, stop doing things that waste our time.
  • Stop over analyzing, life is simple.
  • Seize all opportunities, as they may only come once.
  • Work everyday to be better than yesterday.
  • Put others before ourselves and stand with those who stumble.
  • Be honest and protect the trust we are given.
  • Not back down from our convictions and always take responsibility for our actions.
  • Stand for our beliefs and never compromise our character.
  • Be chivalrous, even in the face of contempt.
  • Behave with deference to women, be faithful, honorable, and just.
  • Express ourselves and not be shy about feelings, intentions, or thoughts
  • Not let anger guide actions and abolish cruel intentions.
  • Listen, understand and consider others ideas and views.
  • Not hold on to the past, so we can practice in the present.
  • Be kind, gracious and show love where it is true.
  • Be there when needed and provide for those for whom we are responsible.
  • Share my burdens and carry the burdens of others as best as possible.
  • Create and look at goals every morning.
  • Never stop learning and experimenting. Learn more. Do more. Be more.
  • Be Men, Manstrav men, Brofessionals!
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